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I’ve had this dream at least three times and Googled it to see who else has dreamt the same thing…looks like I’m not alone (which is comforting).

For anyone who is not familiar, it’s sickening and horrifying, worse than a falling dream…here’s how it goes:

In the midst of a busy day, I suddenly remember that I am supposed to be caring for a dog, and it’s been X number of days since I last fed the dog. The dream has different degrees of vividness…most recently, I remember seeing a cage with a blanket over it, somewhere in my house…

Yes, we have (Go)Daddy Issues.

I started using GoDaddy for my website back in 2014. They were the perfect one-stop shop for my domain, DNS registration, hosting…everything I could ever hope to need to keep my website up and running. In fact, this is my first-ever GoDaddy bill for our site (in UAE dirhams, because I was living in Dubai at the time):

Shannon Maher

Sister, Asker, Listener, Writer | حصة العتيبي

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